Teach yourself guitar  

Click Here for Riffmaster ProWhen it comes to thinking about learning how to play the guitar, I’m sure that many people have considered whether or not it is possible to teach yourself guitar. Well I know that it is possible. I have known a guy in the navy who just went out and bought himself a guitar and played along to the radio. Gradually, bit by bit he got better and better until he could eventually play. No doubt a few guys probably showed him a thing or two along the way but the point is that mostly he taught himself. I certainly don’t think that I could have done that and I believe that the majority of people need a little help. 

I know of another guy who did pretty much the same thing. Both play very well. 

An idea of where to start is generally necessary for most people. How to play notes, chord shapes, strumming patterns, finger picking styles etc; all these things have their place and it helps to have some guidance and help with how to do these things. If you want to slow down some music tracks to make it easier to learn the guitar riff you can get software to enable you to do this.

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No doubt about it if you have some natural talent that will help. Is natural talent essential? Nope I don’t think it is. All you need is the desire, the motivation and the determination to play and eventually you will. ‘There is more than one way to skin a cat’ of course. More simply put, there is more than one way to learn guitar but if you want to teach yourself guitar, where do you start? 

Well you could do one of the following if you want to learn guitar: 

  • Buy a book    
  • Buy a CD    
  • Buy a DVD    
  • Go to a music teacher    
  • Download some online lessons    

However, if you want to teach yourself guitar you really need to play to your strengths. Would you be happy to watch a DVD? Would you be comfortable? How best have you learned things best in the past? Could you relate to learning from a book? Would it be better to have some form of sound reference? Would it help you to watch someone play? Ask yourself the question ‘What do I think would work best for me?’ That should give you the best idea of where to start. 

If you have no idea we would recommend Jamorama or Guitar Superstars. There are more detailed reviews of Jamorama and Guitar Superstars elsewhere on this website together with some reviews of other guitar training products but if you want to teach yourself guitar either Jamorama or guitar Superstars would be at the top of our list as a recommendation. 

Briefly the reasons for our recommendation are: 

  • Jamorama or Guitar Superstars are not cheating – they are a training aids 
  • There are two versions of Jamorama and depending on what form of training would suit you best      
  • Guitar Superstars offers the opportunity of learning different styles of guitar playing from a number of professional guiatrists 
  • Both are very comprehensive  

However, check out the reviews of the other products because there may be a different product which you think could suit you more. Remember – play to your strengths. Select the method that involves the type of learning that you are most comfortable with. 

If you really are intent on going it alone and all you want is to learn by ear then Riff Master Pro is the tools to help.

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Riff Master Pro is software which enables you to slow down a track but keep the pitch. This gives you the chance to listen and pick up the guitar riff so much easier.

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