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Click Here for Guitar SupaerstarsThere are now more resources than ever available to deliver beginners guitar lessons. In years gone by there were basically three ways of learning guitar. If you were lucky you could get lessons at school but whilst the flute and recorder and maybe the violin were the mainstay of school music lessons, there were a few enlightened schools that would provide beginners guitar lessons. However, to be frank the quality of these lessons was patchy and even if you were lucky enough to be at a school that did offer beginners guitar lessons, often the best you could hope for was to graduate being able to strum ‘Frere Jacque’! Fortunately schools today are a little bit more enlightened and one or two will offer modern music beginners guitar lessons.  


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The next way you could learn guitar was by paying for private beginners guitar lessons and this is still a very popular way of learning guitar. Type ‘beginners guitar lessons in (town name)’ and you’ll find plenty of tutors to choose from. If you do want to go this route spend some time talking to the different tutors to try to find out what style of guitar they teach and what teaching methods they use. Get a feel for who might provide the best beginners guitar lessons for you. Ask them how long they have been playing guitar, who influenced them, how long they’ve been teaching guitar and how many students they have. Spend some time doing your homework to draw up a shortlist of potential tutors. If you have any friends, family or acquaintances that are having beginners guitar lessons, ask if they would recommend their guitar tutor and if so, add to your short-list. Once you have shortlisted two or three it might pay you to be both honest and cheeky; tell them they are short-listed and ask for a free sample lesson to help you decide who you are going to learn with.  


The third way is to be a student of the Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton et al school for beginners guitar lessons. In other words teach yourself through trial and error. However, we have to be honest; these guys were incredible musicians with what many call ‘natural talent’. To be able to pick up a guitar and naturally understand how it works and to develop a skill unaided even half that of Rock Gods Clapton or Hendrix is pretty exceptional and those who are able to do this are few and far between. Most of us mere mortals need a helping hand. 


These days, with the assistance of technology, there is a fourth way. Beginners guitar lessons can be delivered through a broad spectrum of e-learning. You can learn to play guitar online through the internet and also download guitar lessons through various tutorial packages - some of the better ones are reviewed on this site. One of the most critically acclaimed e-learning packages providing beginners guitar lessons is Jamorama and if you feel that you might not have the natural raw talent of Mr. Eric Patrick Clapp, (aka Eric Clapton, and need some assistance on the form of beginners guitar lessons then it would be well worth you having a look at the Jamorama review on this site.  


So, hopefully this site has whetted your appetite to be the next guitar hero, (and we’re not talking a fake guitar games console hero‚Ķ), and has provided some useful information as to where to get beginners guitar lessons


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