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Click Here for Adult Guitar LessonsIn the article Beginners Guitar Lessons we took an overview on various ways you can go about learning the guitar. Included in that article we looked at the two aspects of e-learning. These are learning to play guitar online and downloading guitar lessons; (and the latter was looked at in a bit more detail in an article on this website Download Guitar Lessons).  


In this article we are going to take a little bit of a closer look at what we can download to help us learn guitar. There is more to learning guitar software than just basic lessons - there is in fact a vast library of tools to suit the novice and advanced guitarist alike.


Click Here for Adult Guitar Lessons


For example a whole playing style, techniques and skills are based around traditional scales; (if you have not done so already you might like to read the article on this website Learn Guitar Scales and How to Play Guitar Scales). There are learning systems based around mastering scales one of which is reviewed in an article on this website Guitar Scale Mastery Review. Similarly there is software you can download that will train you to be able to recognise notes, chords and scales by ear. This can be quite useful as you progress and work with other musicians because you will be able to join in and improvise simply based on what you are hearing. 


There is also software you can download that is not designed to teach you how to play the guitar but to enable you to get more out of your guitar using your computer. Basically the signal from your pick ups go into the mic input in your computer and your amplifier is fed from the output socket of your sound card. Once you’ve got that rigged up a quick Google search will give you a vast library of guitar software you can download. There is software that will provide a selection of virtual effects, distortions and other sound effects. There is also software that gives you a virtual multi-track recording studio to enable you to compose your own music and there’s even software that will simulate some of the famous names of guitar amplifiers and stomp boxes when generating the audio.  


If you have read the article on this website Guitar Tabs for Beginners and you want to learn more about tabs and write your own you can also download software which will produce your tabs for you.  


Once you become efficient in playing the guitar you may want to specialise in a particular style such as classical, rock, blues, funk etc. and there is learn guitar software you can download that specialises in these and many more styles; (an example of this is looked at in a bit more detail in the article on this website Playing Through the Blues Review).  


In summary then learn guitar software is not just about beginners guitar lessons. Technology gives us a vast resource in all aspects of guitar learning, styles and maintenance. Take a look at the review pages on this website to find out more.

For some clever software which helps you learn to play your favourite tracks check out the Riff Master Pro Review elsewhere on this website.  

Click Here for Adult Guitar Lessons

Click Here for Adult Guitar Lessons