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Click Here for JamoramaThis website has given you some articles on the various ways you might want to consider learning the guitar. These included lessons at school (if you are of that age and fortunate enough to go to a school or college that provides guitar lessons), paying for individual guitar lessons with a private tutor, e-learning, (learning to play the guitar on-line, downloading guitar lessons from the internet or purchasing guitar lesson software) and finally just picking up your guitar and teaching yourself.  


You may also want to consider enrolling in a guitar course. With a guitar course there’s a structured learning programme to take you from novice to hopefully a competent musician.


For example Jamorama is a really good all round guitar course for helping you learn how to play the guitar:

The Jamorama Guitar Learning Method

The key aspect of a guitar course is that you are signed up to a journey in your learning and not just ad hoc lessons. The actual delivery of the course can be similar to that of ad hoc lessons, i.e. person to person, on-line guitar courses or guitar software. One slight variation to the person to person way of learning is that with a guitar course you may learn with others in a small group environment. The intention is the guitar course will enlist students of a similar musical ability ad teach them collectively. This can have some advantages; your fellow students provide encouragement and support. Also peer pressure can often be a great motivator - you’re less likely to skip a lesson for fear of falling behind. The disadvantage of a guitar course where students are taught as a group is that sometimes there may be a student out of sync with the rest of the class which may hinder the collective progress. Also with such guitar courses they are time-tabled and so you must be prepared to attend accordingly.


You might want to go it alone and embark upon a guitar course using  Learn Guitar Software. If you have not done so already, read the article on this website as it will give you some tips as to choosing the right package. If you do choose a guitar course in the form of guitar software the same discipline also applies as discussed in the article Learn Guitar Software. You may spend a lot of time researching the best package to suit you, but the only motivator will be yourself -they’ll be no tutor there to give you a bit of stick if you miss a lesson.


There will be those of you out there who may shy away from the whole idea of a structured guitar course. Such a discipline might be OK for the piano or the violin, but somehow it doesn’t feel right for the guitar - it doesn’t sit well with the free spirit of the instrument, its not cool …it’s just not rock ‘n’ roll - after all, Hendrix didn’t do a ‘course’. The truth of the matter is there are very few Hendrix’ out there and I suspect in his own way he was on his own course inspired out of his own genius. Well, you might want to give the Hendrix way a go – pick up your axe and see what happens! If after six months it’s not happening then maybe forget ‘guitar cool’ and think ‘guitar course’. Good Luck!


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