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Click Here for Guitar SuperstarsIn the article, Beginners Guitar Lessons, we took an overview on four ways you can go about learning the guitar.  If you have not done so already it may be an idea to have a quick look at that article which summarises four basic ways to lean guitar. It talked about lessons at school if you are of that age and fortunate enough to have a school that teaches guitar. Next it looked at private guitar lessons, and then it discussed how the likes of Clapton and Hendrix did it - picked up a guitar and self-taught. Finally it looked at e-learning and in this article we are going to look in a little more detail at one aspect of e-learning which is to download guitar lessons from the internet. This is similar to learning to play guitar online, (see the article in this website Learn to Play Guitar Online) with a couple of key differences. 


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Your guitar teacher here is a person or group of persons who have prepared lessons offline for you to download. By going online and doing a quick Google search, you can find a vast resource of sites where you can download guitar lessons from the basic chords, scales, tablature through to sophisticated guitar finger-picking techniques. 


There are a number of advantages of learning to play the guitar by downloading guitar lessons: 


You can go at your own pace - you access the lessons when you want to do them. This means you are under no pressure and can fit the lessons in with work and family commitments. Download a few guitar lessons in hand and if you find yourself stuck for something to do you can fire up the computer and get learning. 


The lessons are free - although you can purchase high quality guitar software, (see the article in this website Learn Guitar Software), there are many websites that enable you to learn to download guitar lessons. These are funded through sponsorship or related product sales. Consequently, even students of modest means can download guitar software and learn to play.  


The resource is vast - there is so much out there that you have plenty of ‘teachers’ to choose from. If you don’t like the style of the guitar lessons you have downloaded, search again and there will be plenty of other sites you can try. As with learning  to play guitar online with a ‘virtual teacher’, downloading guitar lessons is similar to that to learning with a personal teacher- there will be some styles you like and some styles you don’t.   


However, you must be aware of the disadvantages. 


You need to be disciplined - with no pre-booked lessons, timetable or personal tutor that you have to ‘phone up to make excuses why you are not attending lessons because you are ill, (i.e. want to watch the football), it is easy to get out of the habit of learning.   


You need to have access to your computer  - obvious, I know, but if you’re sharing the use of a computer, it might not be available when you want to get to your lessons. On the overhand, if you download guitar lessons onto a laptop, even if you do not have an internet connection you can still get leaning- one major advantage of learning to play a guitar online.  


Lack of human interaction – As with leaning to play a guitar online, some people struggle to do it any way other than the traditional way. Having some one to interact with, ask for clarification, be critiqued by, and motivated by is essential for some students. In addition a personal teacher will provide structure.   


So there are plusses and there are minuses. If you think you have the motivation and discipline you could download some guitar lessons and give it a try. If try a few, get on well with this method and want to get a decent structured course together then you may feel the investment in a professional package is worthwhile. If so, have a read of the article on this site Learn Guitar Software- but try downloading some free one’s first, they are free and will give you a good taster. 


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