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  Playing Through The Blues

If you like blues music and you want to learn to play guitar then this system could be for you. Playing through the blues is a system which is specifically designed to teach you how to play blues style lead guitar. Griff Hamlin, a blues guitarist with 20 years professional experience designed this course based on the most successful methods of teaching he created during his career. The system includes an e-book with audio examples of every example in the book, (one at slow speed and one at full speed) plus videos and jam tracks. 

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The fact that it is blues based will help you if you really like blues style music because it is always easier to find motivation working with the music you really enjoy and that you want to become really good at. 

Here’s a run-down of what you get when you buy this product: 

  • A guide for the lead blues guitarist e-book  
  • Rhythm and Chord module e-book  
  • 18 blues rhythm lessons with 90 minutes of video  
  • Members only blog which includes with additional TAB transcription of a couple of the videos  
  • Complete solo transcriptions which you do not have to be able to read music to learn. Examples are written in TAB  
  • Main lead guitar course with 120 minutes of video   
  • Blues masters section with example solos  
  • 10 jam tracks  
  • 20 turn around and ending licks  
  • Lifetime updates  
  • Instant access regardless of the time of day  
  • 56 day unconditional money back guarantee  

In addition you can get a free 6 part mini e-course if you want to see examples of the kind of training you will get with the product. 

I think that the Key features of this product are: 

  • It is a blues based guitar teaching system for the blues lover.  
  • It covers both lead and rhythm guitar  
  • You get detailed instruction on how to get that blues sound and how to play blues solos  
  • The system teaches you how to improvise over any blues tune  
  • It explains how to practice so that you make the best use of your practice time  
  • It is a step by step method so you can learn at your own pace  
  • You will learn how to understand chord and scale relationships in the blues  
  • You will learn how to use blues scales and patterns to create solos  
  • Over all you get a detailed understanding of all the ingredients you need to play great blues guitar  

If you want to become a competent blues guitarist then the information in this course will provide you with everything you need to do that. The system is packed with essential content and the instructors’ passion for the blues comes across through his teaching. 

The system is built for the aspiring blues guitarist and for that reason if you don’t really like blues music you would be better off going for another system. 

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So if you love blues guitar and you want to get playing the blues quickly you can order Playing Through the Blues – A Guide For The Lead Guitar Player   Click through ‘Learn more’ to place a 100% secure online order by clicking ‘Add to cart’ for immediate instant access regardless of the time.