Learning To Play Guitar
By Chris Nichol

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Sounds crazy but learning to play the guitar has changed my life....

I always imagined how cool it would be to strum away in front of an admiring audience (in my imagination it was mostly made up of young attractive girls) and you know what? I was absolutely right. It gives me the chance to show off and be the centre of attention..... and best of all people ask me to do it! I don’t offer to do it, in fact I always appear a little shy and reluctant at first. I just find a way to slip into the conversation (timing is everything of course) that I can play a few things on the guitar and – kPOW - people (usually those attractive young ladies) ask me to play something.

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I secretly love it of course but being able to play the guitar really has made a difference to me socially. I’m only an averagely attractive guy and not particularly smart or witty. Playing the guitar has seemed to make me all of those things in the eyes who people who listen to me play. At least it seems that way to me or perhaps it’s because being able to play and being reasonably good at something gives me more confidence. People seem to really warm to me when they hear me play. Again, especially those attractive young ladies. In fact I credit playing the guitar with meeting my current girl friend. Suzie said it is more than that and she had always like me but it was playing in front of here that night and seeing how impressed she was that gave me the confidence to talk to her and finally ask her out.

Click Here for JamoramaBut you know it’s not all about the girls and the showing off. I always fancied the idea of playing because I love music and it is even better than I imagined it could be. It helps me to relax, gives me quality time with myself and it’s really, really fun. After a hard day at work I pick up my trusty acoustic (when I can’t be bothered to plug in the amp on my new electric guitar – a birthday present from me to me) and it helps me gently transition from the aggro at work into home mode. Sort of like a musical meditation. I love it.

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And to think I almost never bothered learning! I had already bought a book and a CD on learning to play but I never really got on with either. It was like a million miles from the reality of playing and I couldn’t stay motivated to practice especially as I did not seem to be getting anywhere. Pretty much after I had given up I was looking at guitars on the internet one day and I came across an advert for Jamorama . I actually liked the look of it and it gave me the motivation to get my butt into gear to give learning another go. In a fit of new found enthusiasm I bought it on the spot. (I also liked the fact that I had a 60 day no quibble return policy so I could get my money back if the product was rubbish or I found it all too difficult). As it turns out I think Jamorama is a fantastic product and it made it really easy for me to learn. It kept me motivated when I got impatient.

Since Jamorama I haven’t looked back. I love playing and I’m thinking about joining a local band cos I have always fancied the idea of doing that too.

Anyway, if the idea of learning to play the guitar has ever appealed to you, go on give it a go. I can definitely recommend it. It has made a big difference to me. I can also recommend jamorama.

Jamorama really helped me realise my dream. Good luck to you and if you decide to check out Jamorama and you find it only half as good as I did you will still be pleased that you got it.

Best of luck in your guitar adventures,

Chris Nichol

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