Best Way to Learn Guitar

There has never been a time when more methods of learning are available than today. In fact the main problem in the current age is one of ‘information over load’. Mainly because of the internet (in my opinion a fantastic technological advancement) there is more information available on any given subject than there has ever been. The disadvantage of this is that with the wealth of information available if you want to develop skills in a particular area the amount of information available can be over whelming. It can take hours to dig through what there is because, although there is plenty of information available, it’s not all good information.

Type a search term into Google and pages and pages of results come back. Then where to start is often a problem. Many of us in today’s world are time pressured and that means there isn’t the time to spend hours clicking on site after site to find exactly what we are looking for. 

Also if you want to learn something, with the number of methods of learning available, which one do you pick? 

Well the best way to learn guitar (or anything) will vary from person to person and it really is a case of ‘Playing to your strengths’. In other words select the method of learning that best suits you, the one that you enjoy most. Learning anything is much, much easier if you enjoy it. 

To save you having to trawl through a massive internet search we have collated below a number of downloadable guitar learning products and identified the main methods they use to teach: 

Click Here for Jamorama


Our favourite product is Jamorama because it uses a number of teaching methods and is a great all round guitar learning system. Click here to check out Jamorama now; or if you would prefer to read a review of the product click here: Jamorama review 


Click Here for Guitar Superstars

Guitar Superstars uses the approach of providing a system where you can learn from a number of professional guitarists who are experts in their particular style of guitar music. So if you believe that the best way to learn something is to learn from an expert in that field click here to check out Guitar Superstars or alternatively if you would prefer to read a review of the product click here: Guitar Superstars Review  

Click Here for Guitar Scale Mastery

Guitar Scale Mastery is a product designed for those who already play the guitar but want to play better. This system will boost your skills massively and if you want to master guitar scales, it is the product for you. Click here to take a look at Guitar Scale Mastery or if you want to read a product review click here: Guitar Scale Mastery Review 


Click Here for Adult Guitar LessonsIf you don’t wish to get bogged down in music theory or chord shapes or you already have some rudimentary guitar skills and just want to get straight on to playing along with music tracks check out Adult Guitar Lessons. This system concentrates on content and getting you playing quickly. If you would like to read a product review click here: Adult Guitar Lessons Review.

Click Here for Playing Through The BluesIf you love Blues Guitar then ‘Playing Through the Blues’ is a system which is designed to teach you how to play Blues lead Guitar. It is always more motivational to learn to play guitar focussing on the style that you love most. So if Blues is your bag check out Playing through the Blues now. If you would rather see a more detailed product review click here: Playing Through the Blues Review.

Click Here for Riff Master ProRiff Master Pro is a system which uses electronic downloadable software to take your favourite guitar tracks and slow them down without changing the pitch. This will allow you to learn the track, note by note. So if your objective it to learn to play your favourite guitar tracks, check out Riff Master Pro. If you wish to read a more detailed product review click here: Riff Master Pro Review.

Click Here for Music Master ProFinally if you’re not sure which instrument you would like to learn but quite like the idea of playing rhythm guitar bass guitar or drums then take a look at Music Master Pro. This product provides lessons on all three and it may help you to make up your mind. If you would prefer to read a product review for this system click here: Music Master Pro Product Review