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Music Master Pro


Music Master Pro is a system which not only teaches rhythm guitar but it also teaches bass guitar and drums. One main advantage of this is that if you haven’t made up your mind which one of these instruments that you really want to learn, it gives you the opportunity to try learning each of these instruments to help you make that decision.  

I have read some poor reviews of Music Master Pro but even they admit that there is some benefit in the fact that you can try out lessons for three instruments. 

If you already know which instrument you want to learn you are probably better off paying more money and buying a product with lessons for that particular instrument. If however you are undecided, this is a low priced product and it may help you make up your mind. 

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Here’s a run-down of what you get when you buy this product: 

  • 200 lessons for three instruments 
  • 18 video lessons for each instrument 
  • 20 audio lessons 
  • Music master multimedia bonus 
  • Online beat maker 
  • Over 1000 custom instrumental jam track specifically for use with the Music Master Pro system 
  • Industry listings and forum 
  • Instant access so that you can get going regardless of the time. 

I think that the Key features of this product are: 

  • You get lessons for three instruments – guitar, bass guitar and drums 
  • You get lots of different songs and the opportunity to try various different playing styles 
  • There are lots of different rhythm riffs, licks and solos 
  • There are lessons on how to read music 
  • There are lessons on how to buy instruments at a reasonable cost. 
  • You get instant access regardless of the time 

I think that the main benefit of this product is that it gives you the opportunity of seeing what is involved in learning to play a number of different instruments. If it helps you make your mind up then great. If you already have decided I would suggest selecting another product that specialises in that instrument.  

So if you want to see what involved in learning guitar, bass guitar of the drums or if you want to learn more about the product click here for Music Master Pro here. You can place a 100% secure online order by clicking ‘Add to cart’ for immediate instant access regardless of the time. 


Click Here for Music Master Pro