Best Online Guitar Lessons

The following product has received more great reviews than any other Online Guitar Training System from a huge number of subscribers, I recommend that you check it out:  

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Best Overall Online Guitar Lessons - Jamorama

5 stars

I strongly recommend that you check out Jamorama. What I love about this system is that it contains comprehensive lessons and methods for learning to play the guitar. Plus there are useful tips and software designed to help you learn, beginners lessons, advanced lessons, games and more. Also it is regularly updated, which is really important because it means that the training system stays current. 

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These other systems are also VERY good and worth checking out. I've looked at over 20 guitar training systems and these are the best of the best:

 Adult Guitar Lessons 

Best Adult Guitar Training System


Best system for busy adults – Adult Guitar Lessons

  4.5 stars

Adult Guitar Lessons is a no-nonsense comprehensive guitar training system aimed at the busy adult guitar student. It is a no fluff content packed system which does not bother with music theory but gets straight to the meat of teaching you to play guitar.

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 Guitar Scale Mastery    

Best System for Guitar Scales


Best System for Mastering Guitar Scales – Guitar Scale Mastery

4.5 stars

First of all, please note this is a system aimed at people who can already play guitar to some degree. The objective is to take a guitarist and massively improve their skills. The thing I love about this system is that it contains the secrets to becoming a master of guitar scales.

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Guitar Superstars  

Best Multi-Trainer Guitar Learning System


Best Multi-Trainer Guitar Learning System – Guitar Superstars

4.5 stars 

This comprehensive system provides you with the opportunity of learning from professional guitarists who are each experts in their own field. This means that you not only get to learn your preferred style of guitar music but you also get to see the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ from guitarists who specialise in other music styles.

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Riff Master Pro 

Best Music Slowing System   

Best System For Learning to Play Your Favourite Tracks – Riff Master Pro  

4.5 stars

If your primary goal is to learn to play your favourite guitar tracks, then this system will provide you with a clever piece of software which will help you to do just that. The software slows down music without changing the pitch and allows you to pick out individual notes. The software also allows you to loop the most difficult parts of the track so you can practice that section again and again until you get it note perfect.

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  Playing thro the Blues

Best System for Learning Blues Guitar


Best System for Learning Blues Guitar – Playing Through the Blues  

4.5 stars

Playing Through the Blues is a system which concentrates on teaching you how to play blues style lead guitar. The system is comprehensive and includes an e-book with audio examples of what is shown in the book. One example at slow speed and the other at full speed. There are also rhythm and chord modules, videos and jam tracks.

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