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Click Here for Adult Guitar LessonsThe great philosopher once said “Life is hard. But once you understand that, accept it, and buy into the fact that life is hard - it gets a whole lot easier.” 

I’m not quite sure who the philosopher was, whether he was “great” or just an enlightened guy sharing his wisdom down the pub, but certainly his insight is very real when it comes to learning the guitar. It’s not easy, it will take time, it will take perseverance, and it will take effort. Once you buy into that however, it will get a whole lot easier. You will have the right sort of attitude to make this hard work a pleasure rather than a chore. So if you’re looking for easy guitar lessons the first thing you need to realise is that your attitude and approach to learning the guitar will influence how easy you find them.  


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Apart from a positive attitude and understanding that study and dedication are essential, the method of learning is also an important consideration in making easy guitar lessons. In the article on this website Beginners Guitar Lessons we looked at various ways you can approach learning the guitar and in the article Learn Guitar Fast we talked about how finding the right type of guitar lessons will influence how fast you learn to play the guitar. The same considerations apply if you’re looking for easy guitar lessons; it’s all about the right approach for you. The style and technique that you are most comfortable with is likely to be an important influence on how easy you find learning the guitar. When we talk about easy guitar lessons, the word “easy” is of course relative - we mean as easy as we can make it and what might be easier for one person, might be harder for another. 


You may find as you progress in your learning that guitar lessons you undertake will vary. So if you’re looking for easy guitar lessons and you’re a complete novice, it may be that you find traditional one to one tutoring easier than say, learning guitar online. The ‘ease’ factor here is the personal instruction you benefit from in your early stages. However, as you progress, or if your circumstances change, you may find a different learning style easier.  For example, if your work pattern becomes erratic such as shift-work etc. you may find it difficult to keep the regular appointments that is traditionally the style of personal tuition. In this case, it might be better to learn to play guitar online. The ‘ease’ factor is that you can take your lessons at a time to suit you or your work or family commitments. Alternatively, if your work takes you away from home, such as travelling salesman with lots of boring overnight stays in hotels it might be easier for you to download guitar lessons onto your laptop. Just pack the guitar in the car and you can kill two birds with one stone - learn to play guitar and relieve the boredom of the overnight stays. (However, there are pitfalls with not having a personal tutor and discipline is required. If you have not done so already, read the articles on this site Learn to Play the Guitar Online and Download Guitar Lessons).  


In summary, easy guitar lessons is about a mix of attitude, preferred style and personal circumstances. Furthermore, as time passes your preferred style can change with your circumstances, so before you rush in to any one learning method have a think about both of these so you can pick the most suitable easy guitar lessons for you.


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