Practising Guitar

Click Here for Guitar Super StarsTo learn and improve at any endeavour practice is required. Although you may fantasize about being able to pick up a guitar and start playing it beautifully from the get-go, that isn’t really very likely in the real world.

Some people have some natural ability musically but even they won’t improve without practise. Still practice is no bad thing. Quite the opposite; it’s really great, loads of fun and quality. ‘You’ time.

Rather than think of practising guitar think of it as playing guitar. Playing guitar should be a pleasure and it is the reason that you started this in the first place. It may not sound like playing initially but with consistent practice, application and repetition practice will become playing.

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How and what you practice ideally should depend on the kind of person you are and how you learn best. Also how you feel at the time should and in fact will influence your practice, whether you want it too or not. (You may as well listen to how you feel when you start and go with the flow).

Learning to accept that that when yoy are practicing guitar, some of your practise sessions will go better than others and not becoming annoyed and frustrated by that will go a long way to helping you stick with your practicing. You will need to keep practicing if you are to achieve your goal.

Some people learn best practising in a disciplined framework and others are better with a more relaxed approach to their practice but whichever way you choose there are some necessary points it is best to observe:

Be with what you are doing - If you are trying to practice with one eye on the television or chatting with your friends the quality of your practice will be poor. You need to pay attention to what you are doing and achieve a reasonable level of concentration. You get out what you put in.

Be consistentThis doesn’t have to be a completely rigid practice regime never to be missed but it does need to be regular. If you are practicing guitar every other night or two or three times a week that’s okay but if its once every couple of months you will be unlikely to become an accomplished guitar player. Again you get out what you put in.

It is helpful to have a little practice plan – this is to make sure that when you are practicing guitar that you are consistently covering all the things that you are learning. For example chords, notes, strumming patterns and finger picking patterns. Although it may be tempting to ignore all this stuff and go straight in to jamming along with the radio of your favourite guitar solo’s cd – resist this temptation! Repetition of the basics will pay off and you can jam after practicing basics.

Don’t let practice become a chore – This can be a tough one but you need to keep remembering why you started practicing guitar and visualise yourself playing as you would like to. Sometimes if you really don’t want to practice think to yourself ‘I’ll just do it for 5 minutes. Often starting is the hardest part and once you got the guitar in your hands you do much more than 5 minutes.

Don’t obsess – The problem with huge amounts of enthusiasm initially is that you can burn out. Remember, to be successful you need to be in this for the long haul. The secret of a contented life is balance. You need to build your practice time into your life. Try to do too much all at once and the other areas of your life that demand your attention will inevitably push back and you may find that practicing guitar gets squeezed out!

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