Learn How To Play The Guitar

…….and where to start for the beginner!      

Hi everyone, 

I have set up this website  to provide a resource of information for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar. 

You will find inside that there are answers to many of the questions that you may have and articles intended to provide help and encouragement on your road to becoming a guitar player.  

There are links to other useful sites and to other resources that you may find useful.  

There are product reviews, tips and advice on many of the things that you will come across while learning to play the guitar and the odd article to keep you motivated along the way! 

For example here is a great all round tool for helping you learn how to play the guitar:

The Jamorama Guitar Learning Method

There are a number of problems that beginners face when they begin to learn how to play the guitar. This website aims to deal with them. The aim is to give you everything to you need to get you started and help you on your journey. The only thing it won’t be able to do is learn for you! 

Some of the problems that you could face are: 

Giving up too early 

Whenever you start to learn to play a musical instrument, for a while it looks like you are getting no-where. Don’t have an unrealistic expectation that you will be able to sound brilliant in next to no time. I don’t know of anyone who has. Do you? Learning how to play the guitar is about progression. You have to learn one thing then another and so on. The more you practice the better you will get. It will help to visualize yourself playing but you must prepare yourself for the fact that this is not going to be an overnight thing. It will take some effort. Like anything worthwhile it will take some work – but enjoy it. It’s a process you may want to share with others later on down the road. 

Not being consistent 

One of the main things you need to do in order to learn how to play the guitar is to be consistent. Time is of course required for practice. It is much better to set aside regular amounts of time than to practice for say 4 hours once every three weeks  

Trying to be in too much of a hurry 

Learning anything takes time and the best approach is to just accept that. You can’t make a tree grow faster if it is to be natural. In the same way it takes time for the skin to harden on your finger tips and for you to absorb what you need to 

Don’t forget to enjoy it 

Practice and playing the guitar should be a pleasure not a chore. You will get there and don’t forget while you started down this road. The dream will become a reality, with a little patience and perseverance. 

One excellent tool which serves as an all round guide to helping you learn how to play guitar is Jamorama. Elsewhere in this website is a more detailed review of Jamorama which explains more of how and why it can help but if you have limited time and want to know more, go check it out now by Clicking Here. 

Jamorama - for free guitar lessons click here!Jamorama offers some free guitar lessons so you can make a more informed decision on whether it maybe what you're looking for to help you learn.

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