How to Play Guitar Scales


Click Here for Guitar Scale MasteryScales form the backbone of all music and it is the guitar that can illustrate this more than many other instruments. When you see an accomplished rock guitarist playing breathtaking solos and riffs the patterns of notes they generate at such high speeds are usually based around the notes in the scale of the key they’re playing in. The fact they can do this with such instinctive skill is because they have knowledge of how to play guitar scales. Before you read the rest of this article, if you have not done so already, you need to read the articles entitled Learn Guitar Notes’ and ‘Learn Guitar Scales’. In addition, in order to show you how to play guitar scales, we’ll be using ‘tab’ notation, so if you are not familiar with tabs read the article ‘Guitar Tabs for Beginners’. 


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There are in excess of eighty scales that can be played on the guitar. The most common being the major scale and the minor scale, but the harmonic minor, melodic minor, major pentatonic and minor pentatonic are also core in many guitar music styles. 


We will now give you the tabs for each of these six basic scale types. We will use a different route note for each type but once you have mastered each type of scale you will easily be able to transpose this to other keys particularly once you understand the theory given in the article ‘Learn Guitar Scales’. 




























































































































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